Ashwagandha Gummies with L-Theanine, GABA, and Hemp- Naturally Flavored, Vegan Ashwagandha Supplement Root Extract, L Theanine Gummy, Stress Gummy, Mood Gummy, Cortisol Manager- 60 Count

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  • Improve your focus, promote relaxation, and improve sleep with a powerful blend of natural supplements including Ashwagandha, L theanine, GABA, and Hemp.
  • Delicious and Vegan: Our apple-flavored gummies are vegan-friendly, low in sugar, and satisfying to chew. They offer a tasty way to relieve stress naturally.
  • Safe and Effective: Our gummies have an excellent track record, are free of harmful additives, or negative side effects. Don't mess with powders, pills, or capsules, or other ashwaganda supplements these are easy!
  • Easy to use, Made in USA: Our gummies are the easiest and most convenient way to take a ashwagandha root extract supplement. With minimal ingredients, they are of the highest quality and purity.
  • Affordable and Valuable: Our gummies a offer great value, and are accessible to everyone who wants to experience the benefits of natural supplements.

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